Issue 33 - Contents

Cao Fei


Sergio Valenzuela Escobedo investigates the Cao Fei’s incorporation of science-fiction narratives and exploration of technology’s role in shaping our collective futures against the backdrop of China’s conquest of space.  

Brea Souders


What will be left for us to probe? What ‘aesthetic entrances’ will be used? Alex Merola on Brea Souders’ weaving of pixels and pigments that offers intricate yet epic articulations of the natural world, continuing long traditions of American landscape photography.

Stephan Keppel

Hard Copies

Taco Hidde Bakker reflects on his recent curation of Hard Copies at Camera Austria, Graz, a parallel book and exhibition project characterised by the entanglement of the material appearance of (things in) cities, ways of picture-making and arrangements of images and found objects.

Hoda Afshar

Speak The Wind

Taous R. Dahmani considers Hoda Afhsar’s use of magical realism as a strategy which seeks to redeem documentary photography from its propensity for an Orientalist discourse.

John Myers

The Guide

David Moore discusses John Myers’ documents of domesticity and de-industrialisation in the Midlands region of England whilst considering the value in revisiting an already-familiar view.

Mark McKnight

Heaven is a Prison

Eugénie Shinkle considers the ways Mark McKnight turns the distance of pornographic and landscape photography back on itself, grounding the gaze in the fleshy material of the body.

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