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Sara Davidmann

Ken. To be destroyed

Greg Hobson on the extraordinary story of Ken and Hazel Houston as retold by their niece, artist Sara Davidmann, in a book that combines the legacy of letters and photographs with her own practice to explore personal histories and transgender issues.

Federico Ciamei

Travel Without Moving

Duncan Wooldridge on harnessing new forms for image and object production that emerge from its “epistemology of search” – the knowledge available according to the algorithms of databases, which maintain what is knowable and unknowable, visible and invisible.

Dragana Jurišić

My Own Unknown (2014-)

Dragana Jurišić’s existential attempt at self-knowledge, My Own Unknown resolves into a fictionalised biography about two female protagonists, her mysterious aunt who disappeared from Yugoslavia and “L’Inconnue de la Seine” – the name given to an unknown young woman whose body was found in the river Seine. Accompanied by an essay from Natasha Christia.

Marton Perlaki

Bird, Bald, Book, Bubble, Brick, Potato

Marton Perlaki makes everyday objects and scenarios undergo an absurdist upheaval, forcing a reflection on photography’s randomness and insistence, as well as its ability to control the disorder of the natural world through repetition, juxtaposition and artifice. Interviewed here by Tim Clark.

Edmund Clark and Crofton Black

Negative Publicity

Gerry Badger on Edmund Clark’s and Crofton Black’s new book with Aperture/the Magnum Foundation, photographs and documents that confront the nature of modern warfare and shadowy mechanisms of state control.


Wolfgang Tillmans’ EU posters

Daniel C Blight offers a genealogy of poster design and the integral role of politics to consider Wolfgang Tillmans’ EU poster campaign, both positively but also from a critical perspective in light of the recent referendum result.

Book Review

Luigi Ghirri_Cover

Luigi Ghirri

The Complete Essays 1973-1991



Lesley A Martin_2

Lesley A. Martin


Aperture Foundation

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