Issue 25 - Contents

Eva O’Leary


Urs Stahel on Eva O’Leary’s multi-layered study that visually examines ideas of security versus insecurity, one reality versus another, the personal, the private and the public image, and the contrast between imposed and self-fashioned identities.

Richard Mosse


Duncan Wooldridge addresses the criticisms of Richard Mosse’s divisive work made with a military grade thermal camera, which focusses on the mass-migration of refugees from Northern Africa and the Middle East, at the thresholds of Europe, in Turkey and Greece.

Lisa Barnard

The Canary & The Hammer

A complex, interactive documentary project from Lisa Barnard that scrutinises the uses and ubiquity of gold – as a potent symbol of value, beauty, purity, greed and political power. Accompanied by an essay from Lisa Stein on its conceptually rigorous forms of representation and visual strategies.

Matthew Finn


An account of his mother’s life, its slow transformation and retreat from the shape of the everyday, Matthew Finn’s work represents a gentle desire for human understanding. Elizabeth Edwards reflects on what it is to live through a moment, and, reflexively, our relationship with the desire to understand that moment.

Arwed Messmer


Gerry Badger considers the non-linear narrative of a photobook that presents previously unknown police material on the 1975 abduction of Peter Lorenz, a Christian Democratic politician in West Berlin, arguing that photography excels most at providing history’s footnotes.

Piotr Zbierski

Push the Sky Away

Presented as a triptych, Push the Sky Away is a photographic odyssey which transports the viewer into the realm of the senses or emotions to draw out what the artist sees as an underlying structure to human existence – something unchanged and unchanging. Max Houghton writes on the wild imaginings of a non-geographical place conjured up by Piotr Zbierski.

Book Review

Mar Sáez

Vera y Victoria

André Frère Éditions


Ben Burbridge

Senior Lecturer

University of Sussex, Brighton

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