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Francesca Catastini

The Modern Spirit is Vivisective

Gerry Badger on a meditation in images and text upon the process of studying human anatomy that combines vernacular photographs of old anatomy lessons with illustrations from Renaissance manuals, sprinkled with scientific, literary, and philosophical quotations.

Amy Elkins

Black is the Day Black is the Night

Daniel C. Blight considers the concept of prison time in relation to the personal identity of seven male prisoners in separate American penitentiaries, with whom the artist Amy Elkins exchanged letters to visualise a very specific kind of confined remembering.

James Pfaff

Alex & Me

James Pfaff’s Alex & Me is a remarkable story of broken love and a road trip that opens up the possibility of alimenting, appropriating and recreating the past. In her essay Natasha Christia reflects on this continuous real-time narrative of a life shared via a living book-object.

Adam Golfer

A House Without a Roof

A negotiation of memories, Adam Golfer’s new body of work reflects a desire to connect the imagined narratives that echo back through Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Israel, and Palestine - to trace the histories of violence and displacement that link them. Accompanied by an essay from Janna Dyk.

Virginie Rebetez

Out of the Blue

Greg Hobson speaks with Virginie Rebetez about her recently released photobook Out of the Blue, which focuses on the unsolved disappearance of Suzanne Gloria Lyall. They discuss the manner in which a material identity can be created photographically for someone who has become invisible.

Forensic Architecture

Saydnaya: Inside a Syrian Torture Prison

Duncan Wooldridge on Forensic Architecture’s extraordinary Saydnaya: Inside a Syrian Torture Prison, heralding new expanded strategies of documentary practice, interlinking modes of ‘witnessing’ with analytical research, whilst providing real, juridical evidence.

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