Issue 27 - Contents

Bryan Schutmaat

Good Goddamn

Gerry Badger sits down with this restrained, classically-designed photobook, stating a certain respect for the integrity of Bryan Schutmaat’s black and white photographs that document the last few days of freedom of the photographer’s friend Kris before he went into prison.

Arpita Shah

Nalini (ongoing)

An ongoing photographic series about migration, memory and loss on the part of Indian-born, Edinburgh-based photographer Arpita Shah. Emilia Terracciano considers the work’s use of the rich and colourful pantheon of Hindu iconography to reflect on diaspora and issues of hybridity, in which lives and memories are recovered, celebrated and sometimes mourned.

Alba Zari

The Y

Ilaria Speri on Alba Zari’s investigation-turned-visual study of the identity and whereabouts of her missing father. The puzzle comes together through attempts, failures and discoveries explored via photographic languages of scientific reports, archival images, film negatives, personal relics, mugshots and 3D facial construction.

Luke Willis Thompson


Duncan Wooldridge examines Luke Willis Thompson’s Autoportrait, a silent film conceived as a sister-image or corrective to the widely-viewed video of Reynolds live-streaming her partner, Philando Castile’s murder at the hands of Minnesota Policeman Jeronimo Yanez.

Jenny Rova

Älskling. A self-portrait through the eyes of my lovers

55 photographs taken over a 25 year period by nine ex-boyfriends and lovers form the basis of Jenny Rova’s bold new photobook. Greg Hobson reflects on this suite of biographical works, which are charged and complicated carriers of interwoven personal histories, emotions, desires, wishes and regrets.

Simon Roberts

Merrie Albion: Landscape Studies of a Small Island

David Chandler on Merrie Albion: Landscape Studies of a Small Island, social panoramas that harbour insights into national identity and belonging following journeys through the landscape of Britain over the course of its recent history.

Book Review

Amani Willett

The Disappearance of Joseph Plummer



Katrina Sluis

Digital Curator at The Photographers’ Gallery and Senior Lecturer

London South Bank University

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