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Rosângela Rennó


Duncan Wooldridge visits Rosângela Rennó’s installation at The Photographers’ Gallery, images from a Uruguayan daily newspaper, and considers our subjective and tangential relationships to cultural memory.

Stan Douglas

The Secret Agent

Daniel C Blight reviews Stan Douglas’ exhibition at Victoria Miro, comprising a six-channel film and partly computer-generated photographs referencing the Joseph Conrad novella, The Secret Agent: A Simple Tale.

Vittorio Mortarotti

The First Day of Good Weather

Natasha Christia on Vittorio Mortarotti’s recently-released monograph from Skinnerboox, The First Day of Good Weather, a poignant search for meaning in the aftermath of loss and reconstruction across Japan.

Saul Leiter


Francis Hodgson turns his inquisitive gaze to the street photography of Saul Leiter, situating him historically within traditions of colour photography, his forays into fashion work and why the artist has long been overlooked.

David Fathi

Wolfgang (CERN archive)

Art, photography, science and history collide in David Fathi’s project on Wolfgang Pauli, a pioneer of quantum physics also held responsible for a large number of unexplainable failures of equipment at the CERN laboratory. Accompanied by an essay from Jeffrey Ladd.

Regina Anzenberger

Roots & Bonds

Roots & Bonds sees Regina Anzenberger combine mixed media works, paintings on photographs and photographs of the natural landscape that reflect a sense of place, the artist’s life, metaphor and symbol, argues Gerry Badger.

Book Review

Thomas Albdorf_Cover

Thomas Albdorf

I Know I Will See What I Have Seen Before

Lodret Vandret


Erik Kessels

Erik Kessels


DBPP nominee 2016

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