Issue 19 - Table of Contents

Dominic Hawgood

Under the Influence

Lucy Soutter considers images drawn from Pentecostal churches in London that oscillate between the visual rhetoric of photographic realism and the contrived seduction of advertising photography.

Thomas Demand

New Photographs

New photographs that record the German artist’s ephemeral paper constructions, currently on display at Matthew Marks Gallery in Los Angeles, accompanied here by an essay from Duncan Wooldridge.

Matt Lipps


Chris Littlewood discusses Matt Lipps’ hybrid images – visual seesaws between past and present – that work within a critical mass of predominantly American artists engaging with post-internet image culture.

Ken Schles

Invisible City/Night Walk

Peggy Sue Amison speaks to Ken Schles about his Invisible City and Night Walk work, which pay homage to the exploding 1980s New York arts scene and a community entwined with drugs, violence and the arrival of AIDS.

Laura El-Tantawy

In the Shadow of the Pyramids

Gerry Badger on a photobook that finally does justice to one of the most important manifestations of dissent within the Arab world, the ‘Tahir Square’ revolution.

Nobuyoshi Araki

Marvelous Tales of Black Ink

Ivan Vartanian on Nobuyoshi Araki’s latest photobook, which combines clever word play with images of models in various states of undress to explore Japan’s hidden eroticism.

Book Review


Mariela Sancari


La Fabrica



Francis Hodgson

Photography Critic

The Financial Times

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