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Peter Fraser


Jeremy Millar on Peter Fraser’s process of adopting a different strategy to approach the same underlying preoccupation across an artistic career – trying to understand what the world around him is made of through the act of photographing it – via his most recent book, Mathematics.

Salvatore Vitale

How To Secure A Country

Observations of Swiss efficiency and protocol inspired an extensive visual research on the part of Sicilian photographer Salvatore Vitale. Max Houghton considers the depiction of state control as a significant factor in shaping the environments in which we live and the creation of politics of knowledge through power relations.

Mathieu Pernot

Les Gorgan 1995-2015

Natasha Christia on one of the highlights of this year’s Les Rencontres d’Arles, a documentary body of work spanning 20 years that focuses on a Roma family whose history and lives are laid bare with complexity and precision. Through close collaboration many voices narrate this seemingly disconnected series, yet are all parts of the same puzzle.

Alexandra Lethbridge

Other Ways of Knowing

An exploration into the illusion of magic and misdirection in relation to ideas of hoax, deceit and trickery from Alexandra Lethbridge. Accompanied by an essay from Lisa Stein examining the role of photography within the binaries of visual and cognitive perception.

Krakow Photomonth 2017

The War From Here

Duncan Wooldridge on a striking exhibition of war, featuring five artists that choose to be distant from its ‘theatre’ by seeking out origins, traces, and consequence. Resists the ‘over there’ condition of photojournalistic tradition, instead stressing tangible experiences, scars, and roots of violence.

STOP + FIX Publishing

The Shackleton Collector’s Edition Box Set

Gerry Badger sits down with a limited edition photo book and symphony celebrating the centenary of Shackleton’s infamous Endurance Expedition. Features never-seen-before images from Frank Hurley’s archive that tell an extraordinary tale of survival when their ship was crushed leaving the crew marooned on an ice floe exposed to the Antarctic’s elements.

Book Review

Top 10

Photobooks of 2017

Selected by Tim Clark


Dayanita Singh

Artist and winner of The Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation Photobook of the Year Award 2017

New Delhi

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