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Peter Watkins

The Unforgetting

Edwin Coomasaru examines relationships between masculinity and mourning, family history and collective memory in the work of this recent Royal College of Art graduate.

Daniel Shea

Blisner, IL

Jeffrey Ladd on a photobook that explores the post-industrial fallout of a once prosperous, albeit imaginary, Southern Illinois town.

The Archive of Modern Conflict

Photo Jeunesse

A remarkable set of images from Cameroon’s earliest colour studio, Photo Jeunesse, accompanied by an essay from Duncan Wooldridge.

Bill Henson


Daniel C Blight on a new photobook of work produced 30 years ago, from one of Australia’s most celebrated and at times controversial artists.

Lucy Levene

The Spaghetti Tree

Federica Chiocchetti on images that question the nostalgic ideal of ‘La Bella Figura’ and mythologies of what it means to be Italian, while revealing tensions in conventional modes of portraiture.

Duane Michals

Storyteller: The Photographs of Duane Michals

Aaron Schuman traces Michals’ influence on contemporary photography in a dispatch from The Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburgh on the occasion of a major retrospective exhibition.

Book Review


Susana Vargas


Editorial RM



Sean O’ Hagan

Photography Critic

The Guardian

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