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Dafna Talmor

Constructed Landscapes

Composed from multiple negatives – so that images, views, and even places are intermingled – Dafna Talmor’s Constructed Landscapes forces us to call into question quite what we understand by landscape. Accompanied here by an essay from Duncan Wooldridge.

Poulomi Basu


Emilia Terracciano on Poulomi Basu’s project which connects the decline of mining in Pennsylvania, US to the expansion of these extractive activities in the global south – namely central and eastern India – to examine the protracted war waged by the Indian military-corporate complex against tribal communities over lands and natural resources.

Chloé Jafé

I give you my life

Less about the gangster stereotype of Yakuza than the day-to-day life of the infamous clan, Chloé Jafé presents us scenes to which we are privileged to be privy, but that remain opaque. Emma Lewis extols the virtues of this project about access – how the photographer found her way to her subject, and the dynamics that played out when she got there.

Michelle Dizon & Việt Lê

White Gaze

Daniel C. Blight addresses the image-text intersections of Michelle Dizon and Việt Lê, whose collaborative book project reflects on the way in which those socialised white often unconsciously experience – and therefore gaze upon – the world around us.

Louis Quail

Big Brother

An intimate photographic portrait of the photographer’s older brother, Justin, and his daily struggle with schizophrenia. An essay from Alice Zoo considers what it takes to make work of this nature without flinching or resorting to sensationalism.

John Gossage

Looking Up Ben James – A Fable

A new book with Steidl resulting from a coastal trip around the UK to places as far flung as Caerau, the mining village near Cardiff where photographer Robert Frank had made his famous report and met the miner Ben James in 1953. Gerry Badger marvels at the masterful ability to make the familiar seem newly minted.

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Iris Sikking

Guest Curator of Kraków Photomonth 2018


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